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"Hailey sincerely wants her students to get the most out of every meeting. I don't even recognize the person I've become after taking her class. I am grateful to Hailey for leading me to where I am now."







Hailey Fromkin

Hailey Fromkin is a certified Authentic Tantra practitioner and sexologist. As a graduate of the first and only government accredited school for Tantric sexual healing in the world, Hailey combines traditional Tantric and western techniques to provide a trauma-informed holistic approach to emotional, physical, and sexual healing. In her practice, Hailey guides women and couples toward cultivating deeper connections, developing mindfulness, and expanding pleasure as individuals, within their relationships, and through all aspects of life.

Hailey also has an M.S. in Food and Nutrition Policy and Programs from Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science Policy, a certificate in Nutritional Psychology from John F. Kennedy University, and a keen interest in substance abuse healing. If desired, Hailey may include nutrition and dietary wisdom, which are part of comprehensive and holistic health, into sessions. Her enthusiasm for travel and cultural exploration has gifted her with a broad perspective and compassionate understanding towards people from all walks and stages of life.  

Currently residing in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Hailey is continuing her own development under the Institute of Authentic Tantra while working with clients  globally.

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