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What is Tantra?


Tantra is a yogic healing practice and spiritual path based in non-sexual practices snd sexual. With a rich history spanning thousands of years, Tantra transforms and holistically heals mind, body, and consciousness. While there are multiple schools of Tantra, or sacred sexuality, Authentic Tantra is based in ancient Tibetan traditions. Embodied by the Tibetan wisdom ‘Inside, Outside, Same.”, this tradition focuses on the connection between our internal and external realities, gently nurturing the interaction between the two.


Why Authentic Tantra?

Authentic Tantra is rooted in Tibetan lineage, using the Tibetan 5 elements to cultivate presence and healing from the inside out. Alongside its Tibetan Tantric roots, Authentic Tantra pulls from a wide array of influences including Taoist healing practices, non-violent communication, western sciences, and many others. This eclectic combination provides a comprehensive approach to healing from the practical to the intimate. Authentic Tantra uses trauma informed techniques and compassionate communication to heal mind, body, spirit, and sexuality, for the benefit of both individuals and all of humanity.

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